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01 декабря 2018, 16:15

Amazon’s 12 Days of Deals promotion starts December 2nd

With the craziness of Black Friday and Cyber Monday out of the way, you’ll no doubt be excited to learn that Amazon contrived to come up with yet another way to separate you from your hard-earned money. The online retailer has unveiled its 12 Days of Deals promotion that predictably runs for twelve days starting December 2nd. 

Amazon will discount a range of products from a specific category each day of the promotion, with each new day starting at 12:00 AM PT. You can check out which category is being discounted on which day below:

  • Sunday (Dec. 2) – Home Improvement
  • Monday (Dec. 3) – Gaming
  • Tuesday (Dec. 4) – Toys
  • Wednesday (Dec. 5) – PC
  • Thursday (Dec. 6) – Home
  • Friday (Dec. 7) – Fashion
  • Saturday (Dec. 8) – Baby, Pets & Camera
  • Sunday (Dec. 9) – Beauty & Personal Care
  • Monday (Dec. 10) – Electronics
  • Tuesday (Dec. 11) – Kitchen
  • Wednesday (Dec. 12) – Furniture, Lawn & Garden
  • Thursday (Dec. 13) – Sports & Outdoor

As a technology fan, you’ll likely want to keep an eye on the 5th and 10th of December that will feature PC and Electronic deals respectively. Amazon hasn’t given details on which products it will discount, but we can surely expect a bunch of smart devices, smartphones, speakers, gaming consoles, and other computing and electronic gadgets on offer. You can bookmark the webpage to check on Sunday’s Home Improvement deals by clicking here.

The Amazon 12 Days of Deals promotion begins on Sunday, what products are you hoping to see discounted?


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